Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It's been.....

One week since the last blog

So, TOAH has made a flying visiting to Woth in Germany to support the Pirate massive whilst I stayed at home doing some other stuff; some of which involved running and some didn't.

This weekend sees Team Atomic Hamster reunited for another couple of training runs; this time through the gorgeous Chiltern countryside (if I can find a couple of routes). I hope the weather remains as unpredictable as it has been, it's quite annoying to carry a daypack full of wet weather and thermal clothing and not needing to dip into it. On a run last week it started raining but by the time I'd unpacked the rucksack and put on the jacket it had stopped, talk about unfair! Anyhow, thought I'd run in the jacket for a bit just in case it started again but no, the sun comes out and I'm running in my own mobile sauna! Apparently the sun not only shines on tv but also on AH when running in a rain jacket. In other news, and following on from last weeks revelation, I will be carrying no gels this weekend. See, learning has taken place.

And there are 44 days to go til the start of the 2010 Transalpine Run, in case you'd forgotten what this Blog is all about. The race is now full up; that's 250 pairs or 500 runners representing the following countries: Germany, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, South Africa, USA, France, Belgium, England, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, Estonia, New Zealand, Portugal, Israel, Sweden, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Hungary and Canada. Actually, just looking at the entrants list there appears to be around 285 pairs, not 250. Damn, there goes our top 250 finish! Anyhow, back to the countries taking part...., we will, over the coming weeks, be identifying popular pieces of music associated with each country (Liechtenstein, why oh why! I just hope they are so far ahead of us....!) and will be learning some lyrics to provide moral support and home comforts to our fellow competitors. Any song suggestions will be welcome, but we reserve the right to discount any obscure tracks although bonus points will be awarded for Liechtenstein. Maybe we'll revise our mobile jukebox option... it'll give us something to discuss during this weekends training runs.

Until the next time......

What exactly is an Evil Giraffe?

Atomic Hamster

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  1. I'm struggling with music but you could show them some pop art instead.