Monday, 12 April 2010

I was only, 19 days from the last post....

Thanks to TOAH for a most excellent account of the 48 miles training weekend. Had a great time; lovely scenery, comfortable running pace, and 2 days of loo inspection. What more could one ask for? Well, maybe a colostomy bag. I really enjoyed the weekend, it was reassuring to know the body could cope with back to back long runs, and, with no fatigue in the legs, I was keen to run again on Monday but logic dictated rest, so I did. (Rest that is, not run.)

And then it was off to Austria for a long weekend. The town of Kaprun was our holiday destination, nestled in the shadow of the Kitzsteinhorn glazier, a popular ski-ing location. The plan was to try out some ski-ing, since neither Dis or I had ever skied before and with any time remaining do some walking and running in the countryside. Skied Friday, handed kit back Saturday, ran and walked for the next 3 days.

And so back to blighty for a well deserved rest over Easter and time to get ill! Spent the last week recovering; so now it's just an annoying cough and plenty of FLM to get rid of. Training has been a bit limited it has to be said; but I like to consider the positives and class the past 8 days as 'rest'; I like rest, almost as much as I like training. It's the most underrated aspect of training but ultimately the most important. I'd recommend it to everyone, but in particular to the other 249 teams in this year's Transalpine Run.... if you could put 7 days rest per week in your training schedule it'll really help me and TOAH during race week :)

All being well, the training will start in earnest again tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll be training tomorrow, it's always a day away.....

In other news, which I should really have included in the paragraph about ski-ing, I tried out my new second-hand cheating sticks during a 3 hr walk in the Austrian Alps, and I'm happy to report that they worked. So they will probably get the nod for the forthcoming Transalpine run, which starts in 144 days time.

Right, so that's the blog mojo returned..... just waiting for the training green light..... I want to RUN........ aaarrrgh!

Cat rang bell, I ate food

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