Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rock, Paper, Glass.... aarrggh!

But somehow I don't think my new game will catch on.....

I thought I'd try a new extreme sport just before going away on a Triathlon training camp.... 'Washing Up'. I'd played the game before but this time was to be different. As the newly cleaned glass clipped the edge of the sink and started a graceful pirouette towards the drainage board, my lightning fast reflexes pushed out my left hand to catch the glass before it shattered into a million pieces...... however, gravities response was marginally faster than mine, so my hand arrived as the glass shattered. Result: sharp glass in between middle and ring finger, loads of blood and a slightly shocked me wondering why it wasn't hurting! So, a quick call to Dis, pressure applied to gaping wound, arm raised above head and a trip to A&E. 3.5 hrs later, leave A&E with 6 suters, 5 butterfly stitches and a huge bandage holding everything together.

And so to the training camp..... can't swim, can't bike, what do you do? Well, I ran... lots. which considering my A race is a running race was actually quite handy. Keep on Running...... I also did some sun-worshipping - it's good for healing deep wounds in the hand I'm led to believe.

And now the stitches are out and I'm trying to cultivate a neat, but noticable scar. I just need to work on a good story as to how the scar was made.

In other news we have a new pet.... a Degu. The worrying thing is he's far more intelligent than me (Oi! I heard that). If he was slightly bigger, with an orange hue, pointy ears and chased by a pack of hounds he'd probably be a fox. As it is he's not a fox he's a very naughty Degu!

I wonder what's happening with TOAH? If our alternating illness/injury trend continues then.... oh no, er, hmmm....

But the women, they all know hopscotch...

Atomic Hamster

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