Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Hills are alive, with the sound of screaming


Where ever you, there's a great big hill
The hills are alive with the sound of screaming
but we've still got 2 days till the start!

OK, so not quite the rhyming finesse of the original but I blame babelfish for the poor translation.

So, Ruhpolding at last.

The sun is out the sky is blue there's not a cloud to spoil the view.....

Flight OK, car hire OK, drive down from Munich, good except 2 near-misses with some great continental driving (also known as swerving at the last minute onto the slip road without using the wing mirrors)

After drving around Ruhpolding for a few minutes trying to find our hotle, we eventually parked and, ignoring the German gent leaning out of his window yelling at us, proceeded to ring the hotel door bell..... no response! Ring again..... no response. Return to parked car and try side door.... locked. German gent hollers again... which hotel are you in? this one we reply. How many nights? 2 we say, waving reservation form. What's the name of hotel?..... Parkhotel we say..... Boy, you are so wrong he replies! Ooooops. eventually find hotel (after following ace directions from helpful german gent in window) and check into correct hotel; which happens to be much nicer than the one we originally tried as it is open :)

Chilling on the balcony, thinking about registration, or maybe a beer.....

Until next time people

This tray is wet, and this tray is wet, and this one......

Atomic Hamster

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