Saturday, 4 September 2010

Race day arrives, up early in the morning

Well, it's here at last!

Yesterday was a nice gentle relaxed day spent in and around Ruhpolding. A cable car ride to the summit of the tallest mountain (I hope they provide them for some of the stages too!), followed by a little walk to the cafe & kuchen shop to rehydrate and carb load. Got the map of today's route out and tried to trace it from the mountain top but the cloud was so low we only saw white; probably for the best though. Next up, after the ride back down, was a game of golf... don't ask why, it just happened. Shot of the round came from Dis who achieved a hole in 0 on the 18th. A spectacular putt between the rocks on the 17th led the ball to get airborne, flying over the green and up the finishing ramp on the 18th before disappearing into the ball collection tray in the shop. We admitted defeat at this point and headed for the race briefing.

Race briefing in sum..... welcome, mention sponsors, parade of flags, mention sponsors, random dance routine from local lederhosen-clad wunderkind (or young offenders, couldn't work out which), mention sponsors, meet sponsors, mention sponsors, listen to music track, mention sponsors, meet sponsors, mention sponsors, start race briefing, Dis & squishy leave, listen to race briefing (wonder at the ratio of translation, german speaks for 10 min, english translation = welcome, german speaks for 10 minutes, english translation = follow the well marked path, repeat for 1hr). end of generic race brief, start route 1 specific race brief. Learn that it's 36.3k and 1260Hm, which they'd already mentioned, good luck speech, mention sponsors. Depart race brief and head out to find Dis and Squishy; arrive at local ice cream shop and find them tucking into a huge pizza. Decide to join them and order our own pizza, so they order 2 huge ice-creams!!!! help them finish them too. Super carb loading.

Right, breakfast, pack and prep so laters peeps

Are you Jeff Vader?

Atomic Hamster

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