Friday, 22 January 2010

Team PSOF......

as Team Leader, I recieve all the communication from the Transalping Run organisers, and yesterday the official confirmation e-mail arrived.

So, Team PSOF are confirmed as starters for the 2010 Transalpine Run, start number 63. Not sure how useful the start number will be, can't imagine chip timing for the event, and the associated ease of online tracking but you never know. maybe a gps chip, that would at least help if we got lost; though I'd prefer a potato chip.

As well as the welcome e-mail, they included useful stuff such as a press release, accommodation forms and stuff to pack in your emergency kit. guess I'll be off to look for an altimeter device to go with my Leki/Pacer poles (no, I still haven't decided which to go for!).

And they've updated their website to include the elevation profiles for the 8 stages, which was quite sobering on 1st look, and panic inducing on the 2nd look.

I'm covered in Bees

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