Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kill or cure..?

Though we do a lot of good work for charidee (though we don't like to talk about it) apparently it isn't all about posing around in a 'Help for Heroes' wristband and basking in the smug glow of helping others...these profiles aren't entirely flat, so some training is in order.

To that end, I'm tempted to follow the example of all-round nutter and good egg Symes, by attempting to add a k a day to a run for the month of February; obviously, I'm not so daft as to do it in January where it goes up to 31k; 28k should be quite sufficient; it still makes week 4 a 100 mile run week...

Can I do it? Probably not. Will I get injured? Who knows? Am I going to try? Oh yes, at least for the two 'easy weeks'!

I'll have the chicken then please...

The other A-H

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  1. I wish I could understand all this talk of bees and chicken! Mad as sticks. xx