Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Running Free

I love running in the snow

There, I've said it. I get a buzz from running in heavy rain. If I'm returning from a running lay-off, then I'm more motivated to go out if it's a proper downpour, non of this wimpy light drizzle stuff. I have no idea why, there's probably some deep and meaningful reason about connecting with nature and stuff, but I'll leave those arguments to the philosophers.

But, thanks to yesterday's run, I've found that running in a snow shower beats running in heavy rain. I think it's safe to say that I wasn't looking forward to yesterday's run.... it was cold, and snowing; but once wrapped up and on the canal path, it was fab. The swirling flakes of snow, brushing against my face, the tree branches covered in white... it was strange, I could almost here Shaking Stevens in the background.

Today the snow has gone, and it's not raining, but I'll be on the road again, maybe I'll find something good about running in normal weather conditions, or maybe I won't.

This tray is wet

Atomic Hamster

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