Friday, 12 February 2010

Run to the Hills

We haven't had any exciting snow here for a while, which would have made things easier; getting out and running every day in the cold and the dark has been tough. I've never run 12 days in a row before. I'm now getting hungry and's a bit like doing Ironman training but without the swimming and cycling. I should definitely do the easy two weeks of the k a day challenge, but the last two weeks will be interesting. Interesting is a euphemism for difficult, obviously.

The first big training event for Atomic Hamster is looming; Rory Coleman's Jogacanalothon weekend is the first weekend in March. That should be interesting too...

...ain't no use in complaining when you've got a job to do. We'll be playing lyrics games all the way round our runs. It's the second sign of madness, after Suggs walking up your garden path.

The philosophers? we know a song about that, don't we, Bruce?

Ere, are you Jeff Vader?

The other Atomic Hamster

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